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Mar 25, 2020
“Cutting tools & Scissors”

What comes to your mind when you hear cutting tools? Of course, you may imagine scissors, and knife is familiar as well. Cutting tools can be divided into two, “Single Blade” and “Double Blades”.

Single Blade: Knife, Cutoff saw, Japanese sword, etc. As we cut vegetables with holding by one hand, a feature of single blade is to cut objects that are fixed in other ways.

Double Blades: Scissors, Nipper, etc. These are different from the single blade. Features are to catch objects between blades and cut stably, and cut with light force by using the “principles of lever”. Especially, blades of scissors are combined by the screw (not tightened completely), and scissors cut objects by opening and closing blades on the screw.

HSC will quantify the quality of scissors, one of cutting tools as much as possible, and establish a clear and fair certification system.

Kenji Inoue

Chairman of Standardization