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HSC Annual Activity Report

  • 2021.07.01

We would like to report on the activities that HSC carried out after we announced establishment at the press conference in Tokyo on November 27, 2019.


To summarize, the biggest event was that the exhibition "Cosmoprof Bologna 2020" scheduled in March 2020 was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. HSC was planning to attend the exhibition but it was a shame we lost a valuable opportunity to appeal our activities and existence to the world, at the world's largest event that brings people in the beauty industry from all over the world. In addition, our regular activities were also greatly restricted, and we had to cancel scheduled meetings many times. We guess it was same for everyone that we spent a very stuffy year. Under this difficult situation, HSC is continuing our activities little by little.
- The HSC Education Committee has compiled guidelines on “how to disinfect scissors” in response to the spread of the COVID-19, and published it on the HSC website.
- The HSC Standardization Committee reported on its research results at the "the 71st Joint Lecture on Technology of Plasticity" held in November 2020, and had discussions with researchers from universities and companies. Please take a look at the outline of this report on the HSC website.
- The HSC Public Relations Committee has been expanding our website and working on dispatching a lot of information including that of HSC participating companies since December 2020.
- HSC’s activities were reselected for "Japan Brand Development Support Project" by The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency in Japan. We are deepening our confidence that our activities are generally and widely accepted.
- As of April 2021, we started attaching a “HSC Tag” to the products of HSC participating companies. We will create an environment where we can confidently state that our tools are reliable, so please look forward to it.

Our activities are still small but we promise to create an environment where all hairdressers and distributors can handle valuable scissors reliably by spreading these activities to Japan and the world.

Toshio Hasegawa
Chairman of Hairdressing Scissors Consortium

Details on each activity

For details on each activity, please read the following.

"Cosmoprof Bologna 2020" was scheduled to be held in Bologna, Italy on March 2020 but it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. HSC was planning to attend the exhibition but it was a shame we lost this opportunity. Originally, the exhibition was postponed to September 2020. After further postponement, the exhibition was rescheduled in March 2020 but it was postponed again to March 2022. However, since the exhibition has been postponed several times, further postponement is expected depending on the infection status of the COVID-19. In addition, there is a possibility that the ideal form of a large-scale exhibition itself will be questioned in the future, and HSC would like to consider future measures while paying close attention to the trends of people in the post-pandemic.

As part of measures against the COVID-19, HSC has compiled guidelines on “how to disinfect scissors” in June 2020 and published on our website. Please read it on the HSC website. From December 2020, we increased the frequency of dispatching information and began to utilize external human resources to communicate various information to everyone. We have already put information such as profiles of HSC participating companies, knowledge of scissors, and outline of research results, so please take a look as well. We will continue to strive to provide better and more information to everyone.

Research activities
At the “the 71st Joint Lecture on Technology of Plasticity” held online on November 14-15, 2020, we reported on the research results of HSC. Please refer to the HSC website for details.

Intellectual property
To protect trademarks of HSC, we have applied for trademark registration in 14 countries (Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, European Union, USA, China, South Korea, Russia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, and Indonesia). Two types of HSC logo will be registered. We will continue to grow HSC as a brand by protecting these trademarks.

As of April 2021, each HSC participating company started attaching a “HSC Tag”. By the tag, customers can recognize that HSC participating companies made the scissors in Japan at glance. The tag is anti-counterfeited and has a structure that cannot be reused, so we can prevent from making counterfeit products.

HSC’s activities were selected for "2020 supplementary budget: Japan Brand Development Support Project (special entries)” by The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency in Japan. For research activities, we were subsidized by “2019: Smart Manufacturing Introduction Support Subsidy” of Iwate Industry Promotion Center. For trademark application, we were subsidized by “2019: SME Foreign Trademark Application Support Project” of Japan External Trade Organization.